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Clarke and Wedgewood is a PR friendly blog and welcomes collaborations and contributions from independent businesses, well-established chains, freelance creatives, real-life brides… whoever you are, if you can offer something relevant to the site I would love to hear from you. It is important that the content on Clarke and Wedgewood is honest, fair and transparent so if I ever feature something I have been gifted it will be made crystal clear but don’t worry – all opinions are completely truthful, if I don’t like it I either won’t feature it on the site or I’ll state just how I feel in the post. I’d like to think I’m a fair and rational person however, so it is in my nature to be honest on all sides – I may not like the product but if there are some good points I promise I will state these within the post so you can make a judgement based on all the facts.

Just some of those I have worked with so far…

Work With Me on bridal blog Clarke and Wedgewood


If you think Clarke and Wedgewood is a great partner for your work, brand or content then please do get in touch by emailing hello[at] Before you do though, please take a moment to read the pointers below:

  1. I do not post press releases. By all means send them over for information purposes but don’t expect me to do a quick copy and paste and post it in its entirety. Don’t be offended if I only write about certain parts of what you have sent – if I don’t deem it relevant or of benefit to the bride-to-be then Clarke and Wedgewood isn’t the right place for it.
  2. All images must be high res. We all know pictures tell a thousand words but if they are blurry, pixelated or tiny then they aren’t telling anyone anything. Please note that if your images are essential to the piece and they are of poor quality it may mean that your piece does not go ahead.
  3. You must have permission. It is your responsibility to ensure you have permission to share content with Clarke and Wedgewood, for example if you are a photographer please make sure that you have been granted permission to share the images of a couple’s wedding before sending them over to be featured on this site.

If you wish to find out more about the person behind the blog then take a look here, or alternatively why not check out my most recent post on the homepage to get an idea of what your post could look like if we were to collaborate on a piece together.