Wedding Show Madness

Overwhelming is an understatement.NEC Wedding Show | Clarke and Wedgewood

As a slightly more quirky bride who is hellbent on wanting things a bit different for the big day, I’ve generally steered clear of the mass-market wedding show, now this isn’t because I don’t think they can be great but my fear of being tempted down a “cookie-cutter” style wedding route has always kept me from going. However, two of my favourite bridal people (Rock n Roll Bride & Crown and Glory) had a stand at a show reasonably close to me and so I decided to bite the bullet and get some tickets for my mum and I.┬áThe closer the wedding fair got the more excited I became about going and by the Saturday morning I could easily be compared to a child on Christmas morning. I walked into the huge hall with sparkly eyes full of excitement and anticipation, yet within 20 minutes my mind was already feeling like it needed a break! Walking past every stand with people who were determined to ensure they spoke to you or gave you a leaflet became a drag and after another 20 minutes I managed to convince my mum to go and sit down and get a coffee to regroup.

As I sat sipping my coffee I started to think of all the poor bride-to-be’s who have only just got engaged and how daunting that hall must be to them. I have the luxury that aside from getting my veil I have everything booked already and even with that in mind that hall made me anxious and overwhelmed. After a much needed caffeine fix I decided to pull myself together and go back into the hall and just do what I wanted and with that my custom veil was ordered and so was my bridesmaid’s hair pieces. I left with a huge grin on my face and felt hugely satisfied.

I’ve been mulling this over for the past few days and have come up with a few ideas/tips to remember whether you are a newly engaged bride-to-be or have everything arranged…

– If you’re not sure what you want yet, embrace this, don’t let the vast array of options scare you, look at it as all the exciting possibilities you have to choose from.
– If you have a clear vision, refuse to let the options you see make you worry about your choice, you know the direction you are working towards, follow that and stay strong.
– Have fun! When you have what feels like an infinite amount of options in front of you rather than let that overwhelm you, just have fun, smile and know that you will decide at some point and until then enjoy the excitement of looking at all the options.
– Always be YOU!

*This is a guest post written by bride-to-be, Beth. Beth┬ávisited The National Wedding Show in Birmingham’s NEC.