Wedding Guest Style: Zara Winter ’17

I’m a big fan of Zara for everything from workwear through to party dresses for going out out, but I’ve never really considered it for an outfit to wear to a wedding. My go-to’s are usually H&M or Topshop for a simple dress that I can wear time and time again, but as I don’t go to Zara for ‘simple’ but for wearable fashion forward picks I figured now is as good a time as any to discover what they have on offer for anyone heading to a winter wedding over the next few months. One of my favourite things about Zara is how on trend yet wearable they are, while most importantly staying affordable. Plus, I’ve never had anything from Zara that’s lost it’s shape or fallen apart after a few wears so I will always vouch for it’s quality too. If you find yourself in a flurry of weddings but don’t want to be seen wearing the same thing twice Zara makes it possible – all of the dresses in this post sit comfortably below the £100 mark!


During the colder months a longer style will always be a winner, not only for the sake of your own warmth on the day (we all know that blotchy skin we get when it’s chilly!) but also to add a winter-y edge of glamour as the skirt of the dress trails behind you as you walk. For a more formal day pair with a cropped boxy jacket and a pair of strappy heels or if it’s a more casual affair choose a chunky heeled pair of boots, a worn biker jacket and lots of gold jewellery to master boho glam.

Winter florals are a classic staple for any wardrobe and the best thing about these dresses is that not only are they great for mastering wedding guest fashion, they’re so easy to dress down for day to day wear or up for cocktails with the girls. Florals not your thing? I hear you! How about this polka dot dress that will look great belted in at the waist with a pair of statement red courts and a red clutch.

Zara is great for midi dresses as they always seem to fall at exactly the right part of the calf, too high and you’re edging on mini territory and too long and they become maxis which although are super flattering, may not be the most practical choice in a typically wet few winter months here in the UK. I am just over 5″8 so I’m quite tall and find getting a midi to sit at the right length almost impossible so a bit like with jeans, when I find somewhere that’s a great fit I’ll keep going back over and over again. If you’re much shorter or even taller than I then I would definitely recommend you take the time to pop into your nearest Zara and try some on – they are so much more flattering than they’re given credit for but it’s always worth trying them on to check if the length is right for you. The Midi is also the perfect length for sporting a pair of statement shoes!


I have  dozens of friends who swear by a dress above the knee to avoid looking ‘old’, ‘frumpy’ or ‘even shorter than I really am’ and just because you’re going to a wedding doesn’t mean you have to ignore what you feel comfortable in. Perhaps a wedding isn’t the place to wear that super short body con dress that you got loads of compliments in last Friday night in town, but that isn’t to say that a shorter skirt is totally off limits.

If you’re going to bare the legs keep things classy and family friendly by covering up elsewhere, you don’t want to be getting attention for all the wrong reasons and getting tutted at from your friend’s Great Great Aunt Sylvie whenever she knows you’re in earshot. It’ll make everyone involved uncomfortable and it’s best just avoided for everyone’s sake.

If you’re going to be outside for a lot of the day then get your hands on a long, fitted coat and long thigh high boots to keep your look uber stylish but practical too. Your short mini may make your legs look incredible, but you won’t look so incredible bouncing on the spot trying to keep warm while the photographs are being taken.

Okay, I put my hands up, I may be slightly biased towards my love of Zara and it’s dresses. And although I’ve never thought about heading to Zara for a wedding guest outfit just the time I spent on their site for this post has made me realise that’s going to change and I’ve been missing out for way too long. What do you think, too fashion-forward or spot on style?

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