The Wedding Guest Style Guide

 We don’t only cater for the bride-to-be, but for those who are soon to attend someone’s big day so we just had to share this Wedding Guest Style Guide from The Black Tux with you when it landed in our inbox. It’s simple to understand and filled with loads of different types of wedding styles so no matter what type of celebration you’re attending you’ll be sure to look the part. If you’re the bride-to-be then perhaps you can use this fantastic resource to better explain to your guests how you expect them to dress, we know that sometimes it can be tricky to put into words how you would like them to look (they’re going to be in plenty of your photographs of the big day after all!) so The Black Tux have done all the hard work for you.

The Wedding Guest Guide | Clarke and Wedgewood

The Black Tux is based in America so if you’re planning a destination wedding as per our tips in our post ‘Real Weddings: Venice Elegance’ it’s a great idea to source your suppliers in the place you’re getting wed. If you’re planning a wedding in the States then these guys are a great option while you’re out there, especially if you’re heading over a few weeks before the big day to sort out all of your finishing touches as you can receive your suit two weeks before the big day, giving you plenty of time to make alterations if necessary (shipping is free!). It’s rated by GQ, The New York Times and Forbes and they’ve all loved it so you know you’re in good hands, and it’s definitely worth considering if you’re going for a US celebration. We also love that not only can you can kit out all of your groomsmen at the same time, but you can see the status of their orders so you can hound anyone who’s lagging behind who may put your cohesive look at risk. You can take a look at what they have to offer here.

The Black Tux | Clarke and Wedgewood

The Black Tux | Clarke and Wedgewood

Dress codes are notoriously hard to decipher as one person’s casual is another person’s ‘you look like you have just rolled out of bed’, and nobody likes to be THAT guest. There will still always be a level of ambiguity within a person’s dress code and so there will always be guests who are slightly more overdressed than others but a lot of that comes down to personal style too. Don’t panic too much if when you arrive the first person you see is in a cocktail dress and heels and you’re in a tea dress and sandals, they may always wear heels and smart dresses but these are their ‘casual heels’ even if they’re 4 inches high with a stiletto point… Stick to your own personal style but always try and honour the requests of the bride and groom, it’s their big day after all and they have invited you to be a part of it, it’s polite to adhere to what they want even if it’s a little out of your norm. If you aren’t comfortable in a figure-hugging bodycon dress and platform heels then simply don’t wear them (you’ll stick out for all the wrong reasons as you’ll be fidgeting all day long) but if you find a pretty empire line dress and a small pair of wedges that you do feel comfortable in your efforts will be noticed and greatly appreciated for a formal do.

We love the simplicity of The Black Tux’s guide, so see below for their brief but accurate description of what is usually expected for His and Hers when it comes to popular dress codes…

The Black Tux Guide | Clarke and Wedgewood

Now we don’t know many people who opt for the White Tie option nowadays but it sounds like something straight out of an old movie, don’t you just agree? Don’t feel too restricted by these tips, it’s a guide not a set of rules so if you want to wear a floor length Grecian maxi-dress to that beach wedding you have coming up then you have our full support, but for anyone who’s totally lost as to what they should wear by the dreaded ‘Smart Casual’ dress code the guys over at The Black Tux have taken a little of the guess work out of it. If you have any of your own tips or advice for the confused wedding guest then please do leave a comment below!