Unfrosted Yet Unmistakable: The Naked Cake

When choosing a wedding cake there’s a lot to consider; not only are there the flavours of the sponge and fillings to choose you need to think about how to decorate it, how big it’ll be and how to add a personal touch too. It’s probably going to be a monumental part of your day when you and your beloved first cut the cake and you want it to have the wow factor; do plenty of research and ask for samples from your cake baker when choosing flavours and ask to see examples of their previous work before committing to anything. The styling of your wedding should extend to every part of your big day so don’t compromise on the tastiest bit!

Naked cakes are growing in popularity and are a common sight on Instagram and Pinterest, so we decided to look further into the phenomenon that is the Naked and Semi-Naked cake.

Naked Cakes - Wedding and Bridal Styling

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 Forgoing the traditional thick icing that was commonplace, the naked cake completely skips this stage of decoration leaving the filling and sponge exposed. A semi-naked cake is similar to a naked cake in that it leaves parts of the sponge exposed, but features a thin layer of buttercream spread evenly around the outer surface of the cake. The style this type of cake decorating lends itself to is natural and organic, and therefore combining these cakes with fresh florals are a popular choice and is a great way to add your colour scheme to the sweet treat.

Naked Cakes by Jill the Cakemaker| Clarke and Wedgewood

Images from Jill the Cakemaker

Just because you’re choosing a naked cake doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on taste – Jill the Cakemaker boasts options such as Bucks Fizz, Lime and Coconut, Salted Caramel and Gin and Lemon amongst many others so your options certainly aren’t restricted by going against the norm.

Choosing a naked or semi-naked cake is actually a great option for any couples who find they are struggling to choose how to design their cake. With a more traditional iced cake there are far more decisions that need to be made such as icing colour, piping details, any personal touches like icing found in novelty cake designs, what flowers to have on the cake and do they need to match the flowers on the big day? The list goes on, but a naked cake features much fewer: what flavour for the sponges, what colour to have the buttercream icing and what colour and variety of flowers to feature. The more details added to the cake the number of decisions to be made will increase, but they will always be fewer and simpler than the requirements of a fully iced cake making it a great choice for the indecisive. It can also be a cheaper option for those who are on a slightly tighter budget without compromising in the style stakes.

Naked Cakes - Wedding and Bridal Styling

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 Our verdict is out – we love Naked and Semi-Naked cakes not only for their beautiful aesthetic appeal, but their versatility regarding both taste and potential colour ways. Perhaps a dyed buttercream could be incorporated to compliment the style and palette of your day, or maybe you could add some continuity to your day by using the same flowers on your cake as in your bouquet. If you wanted to create individual offerings instead of one large cake, there’s no reason tiny versions of these cakes couldn’t be made and decorated piece by piece but just remember that due to the larger number of florals that would be required to decorate the greater number of portions, the prices are likely to increase as a result. Naked cakes have been popular for a few years now, especially after Angelina Jolie’s decision to have one for her wedding to Brad Pitt in 2014, but this is a trend we think will be hanging around for years to come yet…