Spring Trends for 2018

We may have just seen the end of the global fashion weeks, but that doesn’t mean that spotting what’s on trend ends there. Although when planning your big day you should make sure that you’re planning a day that is right for you and not necessarily what everyone else is doing, but that said if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed at where to start when it comes to the styling of your wedding looking at trend predictions is a great place to begin as it’ll make you aware of just what’s out there and will help you refine what it is that represents who you are as a couple.

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When it comes to looking at trends try not to fall down the rabbit hole where you carbon copy everything you see under a particular style as it will limit your creativity and you may be left feeling a little detached by the end of it – by simply copying everything you have found online you could miss out on the personal touches that take a nice wedding to a day that nobody will ever forget. By all means create inspiration boards, pin to your hearts content and explore in depth the styles you like but just keep in mind that in a couple of years time the trends will have moved on and we’ll be obsessing about something new, but you want to still look back on your wedding day and love it as much as you did when you planned it and that just won’t happen if it’s not you.

It isn’t all doom and gloom though, I love nothing more than finding out what the key trends are going to be as it’s not long until you see how differently everyone interprets them and puts their own unique stamp on it. Take flower walls for example, they exploded in popularity after the Kim and Kanye’s wedding and became a must-have for many couples but that didn’t mean that everyone just got their hands on good replicas, oh no. We saw giant paper florals, dark and moody tones, floral walls made from suspended foliage and ones made from greenery and branches. It really was beautiful to see how one wall flooded the industry with so many new options that just weren’t available to many before, but it’s so exciting to see just how differently a trend can be personalised and the possibilities really are endless. I’d thoroughly recommend that the rest of this post is taken as a starting point, a springboard into the world of wedding planning if you will and not to be taken as a set of rules that must be obeyed to have a great wedding. Take points of inspiration from the things you like and begin exploring how you may want to make it your own, and don’t forget to share your ideas in the comments – you may just help someone else out with their big day!

Top Spring 2018 Trends on Clarke and Wedgewood: Sweet Treats


It is no secret that almost anything can be personalised nowadays and sweets are no exception. Whether you offer lollipops, biscuits or macarons a personalised pick-me-up is a great way to make a lasting impression and they’re perfect for memorable wedding favours that will be loved by young and old alike. We’ve all seen sweet bars pop up all over Pinterest and as tempting as it is to have bowls of sweets laying about, does this represent the style of your wedding? They’re fabulous for a party-focussed day or one that features pops of bright colour throughout the day, but if this doesn’t sound like the day you’ve dreamt of don’t shun it just yet…

If you’re planning a more formal event is a table filled with brightly coloured sweets may not be the best fit for you, but a pastel coloured macaron with your initials painted on the top of each placed carefully in the centre of each table setting will keep a sophisticated edge to your day. Perhaps you’re planning a day filled with lots of children and laughter? Then your very own Pick n Mix bar with paper bags and scoops is guaranteed to keep them busy (just look out for any stray jelly worms on the dance floor and hope parents are prepared for the inevitable sugar rushes that may come later!).

One of my personal favourites has to be the doughnut walls I’ve seen popping up lately – they look great and who doesn’t love a doughnut while they wait for the main meal? They’re a perfect example of where you need to be considerate of your venue and your surroundings however, they may look great but if you are planning a summer wedding or your venue is going to be quite balmy the icing will quickly become sticky and melt and the doughnuts may end up looking a little less appetising. If you’re planning on serving guests a little sweet treat on the day keep in mind how they’ll be stored and presented to keep them in tip top condition for maximum impact on the day.

Top Spring Decor Trends 2018 on Clarke and Wedgewood: Make a Statement


Your wedding day is the perfect excuse to really indulge yourself and push the boundaries on what is ‘normal’  so making a statement is a great way to ensure nobody will forget your day in a hurry. Just make sure you’re planning something out there because it’s an extension of who you are, not just for the sake of it being memorable. Aynhoe Park is a beautiful country estate in Oxfordshire where you can be married, so long as you’re willing to be wed with a full-sized floating giraffe in the room and a unicorn in the hallway. The grandeur and extravagance of the venue means that it remarkably looks right at home and not out of place at all, but try and install a floating giraffe in a bell-tent and it may not quite have the same effect leaving people talking for all the wrong reasons.

Moving away from animals, a great way to make a statement is through the use of giant balloons and with so many options of how to install them there’s the opportunity to really create something special with them. Available in a huge array of colours, you could build an archway to frame the entrance to your wedding venue or perhaps line a pathway to guide guests from one location to another. Nowadays you can choose to have LEDs put inside them, have them filled with feathers and confetti or even string up balloons the size of a small car so balloons are a great way to get creative that are unlikely to violate any requirements put in place by your venue due to their temporary structure and minimal mess (so long as the confetti balloons don’t pop, those things can really make a mess…).


Colour is making a big comeback this year and the bolder the better. Having the opportunity to clash colours is great during the early stages of your wedding planning as you can see what combinations work for you and which just scream, but it doesn’t mean that you have to inject it absolutely everywhere.  If you have visions of a pink Princess day you could calm down the brighter magenta and fuchsia tones with blush pinks, but by adding a pop of turquoise somewhere it’ll break up the pink a little and help keep the day sophisticated and clear of venturing into a full scale Barbie zone (unless of course this is what you’re going for, in which case Barbie away!).


No, I’m not saying getting that obscure Great Auntie Jude involved in writing the vows is the latest trend but rather not overlooking the smaller, four-legged family members on your big day. Yes, I’m talking about the dogs. Don’t be surprised if over the next year you start seeing more and more of the pups at people’s weddings as they’re gracing the aisle as the ring bearers and even getting their very own slap up meals at the wedding breakfast. If your dogs are poorly behaved however I would really recommend that you think long and hard about how important it is that they’re a part of your day – not everyone is comfortable around dogs and ones that are jumpy or loud may prove intimidating to some and stop guests from relaxing and enjoying your day. You’ll also need to consider how well they will cope with all of the attention they may get from guests, any loud noises that they may be around and perhaps most importantly – whether the venue allows dogs. Many venues won’t allow dogs so if it’s essential that your four-legged friends are in attendance you may need to be a little more open-minded when it comes to your venue and it’s location.

Top Spring Decor Trends 2018 on Clarke and Wedgewood: Dogs at the Wedding

These tips have been inspired by tips from Charlotte Ricard, Founder & Creative Director of luxury wedding and events planning company La Fête. If you are looking for more information around bridal fashion trends you can see my post on it here for inspiration and tips.

Image Credits: Styling: La Fête | Photography: Roberta Facchini Photography | Flowers: Ricky Paul Flowers | Dress: Ruth Milliam Bridal Couture | Flower girl outfits: Little Bevan | Balloons: Bubblegum Balloons | Floral dog collars: Cupid Collars | Furniture: Vintage Style Hire