How to Scent Your Wedding

Have you ever been caught off guard when walking down the street when someone walks past you with a particular scent that makes you look to see if it’s your Grandmother, best friend, old teacher or perhaps even an ex? The way someone smells is a part of their identity, and something we register without even realising which is why a particular scent that we associate with someone we haven’t seen in years can still make us stop in our tracks. Where we become a little stuck with this however, is if your partner swears by a popular scent that many people wear we may actually become less sensitive to it due to the frequency we’re exposed to it, and this is important to remember when planning on how to scent your big day.

If you wear the same scent every day, are you really going to wear the same one on your wedding day? Should you go for an eau de parfum or a pure version, should you be spraying it all over and what about the scent from your flowers? Whoa, hold your horses there, there’s lots of questions to ask but we’ve got some insider tips from Master Perfumer, Roja Dove of Roja Parfums on hand to give you a helping hand when it comes to scenting your big day.

Scent your Wedding at The Wedding Gallery

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When it comes to bridal fragrances, scent acts as an olfactory ode to that special day, transporting us back to the time you said “I do” with just one smell. Scent evokes memories like nothing else – when you have forgotten who sat next to who, what conversation you had with who, who gave you what gift – scent will instantly take you back to that day in olfactory Technicolor. The perfume a bride chooses to wear on her day needs to be a completely new discovery – something that has never been worn before and so has no relation to any memory or feeling that has gone before.

Remember what I was saying a little earlier about scents you’re often around becoming less recognisable? That is exactly what Roja’s saying here, and even if it’s not for other’s to remember your day by if you pick something totally new any time you want to be transported back to that special day all you’ll have to do is spray a little of the perfume in the air and you’ll be reminded of all the fantastic memories you have from the day.


‘Choosing the right perfume for your wedding day is as important as finding the dress. It’s a choice that people will be reminiscing about, and remembering, after the wedding. My advice would be to follow these simple rules:

  • Always choose a pure perfume. A perfume is much higher in concentration versus an eau de parfum or eau de toilette, and therefore it sits closer to the skin and unravels slower. 
  • You must try the perfume on your own, clean skin and then have patience to spend a day or evening returning to the perfume to see how it makes you feel from the moment it hits your skin and then as it develops. 
  • You know you have a winning perfume if you love it, those that you care about love it on you, and you receive compliments from perfect strangers when you wear it (this last point signifies a perfume with a good sillage – the delicate trail of scent that weaves around you).’

Speak to the staff on the perfume counter’s as they will often have tester’s/samples available for you to try and although they aren’t always passing them around like hotcakes, if you take the time to talk to the member of staff and explain what you want from your day and the kind of scents you’re interested in, they are much more likely to be willing to help out. Remember, a little kindness goes a long way! As someone who once worked in retail, you always want to go that extra mile for those customer’s who are genuine and really appreciate your help, so keep this in mind when looking for ‘the one’. If you manage to get your paws on a tester/sample you can then try it in the morning and evaluate how it smells in the evening, and also have the chance to wear it to work, to a Sunday lunch with your parents and on a night with the girls and gauge lots of people’s opinions on the scent before committing to buying a full-size bottle.

Don’t forget to indulge yourself in scents in the run up to the big day through lots of pampering either, you may expose yourself to scents that you absolutely adore in some of these treatments, whether at a spa or from the comfort of your own home, and you can take your findings with you when you go hunting for ‘the one’.

Scent your Wedding at The Wedding Gallery


‘The seasons have a profound effect on us, from how we feel to what we do, and as we love to be in synergy within ourselves and with our environment we often seek different sensations and different facets from the fragrances we wear. In many cases this leads people to seek scents specifically for the season in which their wedding takes place. When the sun is out – so are we – and with the sun comes heat. Citrus notes will bring welcome refreshment and will help you feel energised for your special day. In Autumn/Winter, understandably, weddings take place indoors, and this gives us an opportunity to enjoy the warmth of spices combined with woods, or to seek the more sensual pleasures that soft vanilla and musk will give us.’

When looking for your scent remember that you’re probably looking for your scent in a different season to the one you’re going to be wed in, so try not to get sucked in too much by what is popular at the time as it will be reflecting the notes of the season, not the ones you will want to be wearing when you wed. Keep your venue and season in mind and you won’t go far wrong!


‘Some people will take forever deciding on the flowers for their bouquet. I recommend choosing your perfume first, and then create your bouquet around it.

Soft and sultry: If your fragrance is deep, soft and sultry, design your bouquet and table arrangements with the same, soft, gentle, powdery flowers such as mimosa, peony, iris and full-blown velvety roses.

Crisp and light: If you prefer a fresh, crisp, floral fragrance, carry a bouquet of hyacinths and jonquil.

Feminine and sensual: If you find your signature scent is a heady, feminine and sensual fragrance, then a bouquet full of stephanotis, jasmine and tuberoses is perfect.

Oriental: If you don’t like scented flowers and prefer an oriental fragrance, get your florist to intertwine vanilla pods, berries, catkins, woody twigs or sprigs and foliage for a more creative, less scented bouquet.’

Now I am actually really glad that Roja’s brought this up as I think we all get far too caught up in the look of our bouquet and forget that actually those flowers we’re choosing all come with their own scent and should marry together beautifully as well as looking amazing, so considering the smell as well as the look is something that you should definitely keep in mind when planning the big day. I appreciate that a lot of people pick their florals to suit the colour palette or theme of their big day, so when speaking with your florist be open from the start and they’ll be able to best advise you on what scents you can expect from the florals you’re choosing which you can then take to the perfumery when picking what scent you’ll wear yourself – you won’t be carrying your bouquet all day after all!


‘Spray your perfume as soon as you’ve dried off after showering/bathing – before you’ve even stepped into the dress/suit. Your body heat will intensify the base notes of a fragrance so the sooner you apply it, the better.

Be precise in the application. Add a spritz to the dip of your collar bone, the dress and the veil (if you have chosen to have one) – don’t rub it in, just let the perfume unravel and work its magic on your individual canvas. When it’s time for the groom to kiss his bride, he will be immersed in your scent.

A body lotion or cream with the same fragrance as your perfume is a great way to make the odour last. Always apply your fragrance first and the lock it in with the lotion or cream afterwards – not only does this increase the lasting quality but the alcohol in the fragrance doesn’t break down the cream so the moisturising factor is maximised.’

I think we have probably all been there, dousing ourselves in perfume perhaps a little too much, to make sure that we smell of our fragrance all day long. As Roja’s pointed out, the fragrance will intensify as your body warms so always remember a little goes a long way! If you’ve drowned yourself in perfume at the start of the day by noon your smell may have actually become so intense it’s overwhelming, not something you want when you’re going to be around your family and friends all day long.


‘Perfume offers a key capable of unlocking memories and emotions in a more three-dimensional way than any photograph or film can ever do, with startling clarity and emotion. As the years go by, you’ll be able to re-visit your special day with just one breath of the perfume you chose.’

Make sure you leave plenty of time to find the one, you should want to be trying more than one fragrance and don’t forget to get your partner’s opinion on it too! A few year’s after the big day you want that scent to remind you both of a day filled with much love and happy memories, not one of that smell they can’t stand, and they’re going to be by your side for most of the day so a scent that leaves a bad taste in their mouth all day isn’t going to be enjoyable for either of you.

Roja Parfums will be available at The Wedding Gallery from October 2017.

Scent your Wedding at The Wedding Gallery