Dimpsey Retreat, Somerset

It is all too important to make time for your other half yet we’re all guilty of not being on it 100%. Whether it’s a tough day at work, that annoying joint-clicking habit that rubs you up the wrong way or even getting home to finding that slice of chocolate cake you’ve been waiting for all day has been devoured (this one really drives me crazy, seriously – if you didn’t buy the cake why would you think it’s yours to eat?!), it’s natural to not want to be in each other’s space 24/7 but it’s when this becomes how you spend a majority of your time that you need to force yourself into a bit of a reality check and ask yourself, why have you become so distant from one another?

Now hold your horses here and don’t instantly jump to the worst case scenario. I’m about 99.9% sure it’s got absolutely no reflection on how much you love one another, but instead I think a lot of the time it comes down to how comfortable you have become with one another. When you’re spending all your time together it becomes less frequent that those big gestures occur and that’s absolutely fine, as much as you may love receiving flowers or chocolates imagine if you got them every week? They would not be half as meaningful anymore, and you may even begin taking them for granted. But perhaps making time once a fortnight to go out for coffee together, or a meal, or even putting the phone’s away and spending a couple of hours out for a walk on the weekend just talking could make a world of difference. Sometimes we just need reminding how great it feels to be appreciated, and you can sure bet that your partner will feel just as great afterwards as you will. We’re all human after all!


Perhaps you’re feeling that you need something more than a Starbucks to reignite the fire between you, and there’s nothing better than leaving your usual surroundings behind and exploring somewhere new together. A weekend away is a great fix, forcing you to rediscover just how great one another are and where better than heading to the great English countryside and getting back in touch with the great outdoors. It is at this point I would like to introduce you to the Dimpsey retreat in rural Somerset, positioned perfectly for exploring Lyme Regis and the Jurassic Coast or staying in for a cosy weekend.

A Luxury Retreat in Dimpsey Shepherd Hut in Somerset

I’m definitely a lady of luxury, as in I can think of nothing worse than camping in a tent on a cold hard ground and although I can put up with it at Glastonbury, if I had my way I’d be in one of their luxury teepee’s in a comfortable bed where I can get a good night’s sleep. That’s why glamping has always been of great interest to me as you really do get the best of both worlds – a connection with the great outdoors, hearing the owls hoot at night and waking up to birdsong but without sacrificing a comfortable (and warm) night’s slumber. The Dimpsey shepherd’s hut however has been designed with that in mind, and at 18 feet long it contains a double bed, seating, kitchen area and a bathroom with shower and flushing toilet. How many tents offer that?! Plus for those feeling really luxurious Dimpsey also boasts a Hikki wood-fired hot tub with co-owner Emma telling that

‘we envisage guests will want to fill and light the hot tub, and have some supper whilst it’s warming up. We’ve placed the hot tub in a very private walled area, which still allow guests to watch the dusk come in – after all it’s that Dimpsey half light that we’re named after.’

FYI for those who may not know – I certainly didn’t! – Dimpsey is a West Country term for the half-light that comes at the end of the day, now doesn’t that just sound magical? With a huge increase in the number of people heading to the great outdoors it comes as no surprise when heading outside can be as luxurious as this… did you know that more than 17 million trips were taken in 2016 that involved staying in a caravan, yurt, tent or hut? I would never have declared myself as someone who would be interested in this kind of trip but knowing that I don’t have to sacrifice my little luxuries to reconnect with nature has certainly forced me to rethink that, and Dimpsey could not sound more up my street!

A Luxury Retreat in Dimpsey Shepherd Hut in Somerset


So here’s a little more information about Dimpsey itself. Run by Somerset couple Emma and Andrew Warren, Dimpsey is a 5* luxury retreat described by the owners as “an all-in experience helping busy people getting some quality time together”. But where is it you may be asking? Well, you’ll be staying on Emma and Andrew’s small farm on the Blackdown Hills (an AONB no less!) and you may even meet Dexter cows, Jacob and Zwartble sheep, a few chickens and a goose called George.

The Dimpsey hut has been designed and kitted out to feel like a luxury hotel, and Emma and Andrew go the extra mile to guarantee you a relaxing and refreshing retreat, ensuring that all the styling is from British designers and adding in extra little treats to delight visitors. Although camping in a field in the middle of nowhere may sound like a great bonding experience at the time, after the fifth missing tent peg or blustery gust of wind taking the ground sheet away from you you’ll be wishing you had booked into something a little more, well, indulgent. Don’t waste your time and cause unnecessary stress and get yourselves booked into Emma and Andrew’s delightful shepherd’s hut instead, you won’t be disappointed!

But why should you listen to me? Let the awards talk for themselves! Dimpsey has been awarded Gold by Visit England’s Quality in Tourism inspectors, following a Silver win at the annual South West Tourism Excellence Awards so you can rest assured that your break is going to be truly magical.

A Luxury Retreat in Dempsey Shepherd Hut in Somerset

If a weekend of glamping sounds right up your street this is a great way of reconnecting with your other half, and the privacy that Dimpsey offers will ensure you can be at your most silly and giggliest, creating memories together and remembering just how perfect a match you are for one another and no doubt you’ll go back to work on Monday looking where you can book for your next weekend away!

If you want to find out more about booking a stay at Dimpsey head to their website where you can not only find out everything you may need about the hut itself, but also what you can explore nearby, local food and drink you need to check out and take a look at their gallery filled with photos showcasing how beautiful the hut is with ease. How many other websites offer you so much honesty and advice before you book? A true testament to the dedication and willingness to go above and beyond for your perfect stay from Emma and Andrew, and one I would book in a heartbeat.

Fancy a weekend glamping but Somerset is a little too far away? How about checking out Home Farm instead, located not far from London this may be a little easier if you have to head back to the city for work bright and early on Monday morning!