Jewellery for Every Ever After

I put my hands up and whole heartedly apologise for my recent disappearance. It is with much glee I can finally say that my masters is DONE. Completed. Kaput. I have submitted my final assignment and boy am I glad to have finished that flaming dissertation! Naturally that took precedence over Clarke and Wedgewood for a few weeks but now that it’s over I can finally concentrate on this site again. It didn’t sit well with me to do things half-heartedly while I was working on my dissertation so I made the decision to take a break and hey – we all need a break some time, am I right? I think it actually did the world of good as it gave me some time to think properly about where I want this blog to go and it’s filled me with a whole new push of determination to get it going and what better way to get back into the swing of things than with a post on bridal jewellery?

Jewellery Box UK Infinity Necklace | Clarke and Wedgewood

Something that is frequently overlooked is the jewellery you’re going to wear on your big day; with the dress, the veil, the shoes, the flowers… taking priority it can often be a last minute thought as to what bling you’re going to wear. And you know what? I think that’s okay. We all know it’s the dress what everyone is dying to see and it’s only later on in the day that someone may notice what necklace you have chosen or what earrings are dangling from your lobes. That being said I think it’s a great place to choose something sentimental rather than something purely for the wow factor.

Passing jewellery from generation to generation is a common occurrence, but antique or vintage jewellery may not fit the look of your day. If you’re going for something more contemporary, boho or minimalist it may well be the case that your great great grandmother’s necklace simply doesn’t suit. Remember, this is your big day and nobody else’s so you do not have to wear it if it isn’t well, you. It may mean the world to your mother-in-law that you’re wearing a family heirloom but it should mean more to her that you’re happy and comfortable on your big day, so it’s perfectly acceptable to say a polite thank you but no thank you (so long as you make sure it is as polite as can be – try and avoid friction with the in-laws just before the big day!). So how can you add meaning and sentiment to jewellery if it’s not been handed down?

It’s actually pretty easy. Heart shaped designs are always a popular choice due to the obvious links to romance and love, but for some they can be a little twee and there’s a want for something else. Well… how about choosing an infinity symbol instead? It has strong symbolism of the commitment you’re going to make to one another without being quite as obvious as the heart shaped designs on offer. I love this silver necklace (part of a set with matching earrings) and bracelet from Jewellery Box that are not only beautiful but are surprisingly lightweight making them a great choice for your big day, and ensure you’re not left with any unsightly green lines you get from cheap costume jewellery. Oh, and did I mention? They’re both £15 or under. Now if that’s not a bargain I don’t know what is.

Jewellery Box UK Infinity Collection | Clarke and Wedgewood

And what if you are that person who likes the tradition a heart brings but wants something a little different? How about choosing a personalised piece instead? You can add up to 20 characters to this intricate locket and can choose from a number of fonts to suit you, how about your wedding date or new married name? The initials of you and your partner? Maybe even the venue name? It really is up to you and like a traditional locket it opens up allowing you to put a photo inside which also makes it a great gift for bridesmaids or flower girls as a special thank you. To add a personalised engraving on the reverse of the locket you’ll only have to pay an extra £4.98, that’s no price for a one-of-a-kind piece that can be treasured forever.

Jewellery Box UK Infinity Collection | Clarke and Wedgewood

Whether it’s for your own bridal jewellery, a gift for your bridesmaids or perhaps even as a momento for your hens, choosing something meaningful when it comes to your jewellery is the perfect final touch. Stick to good quality silver or gold to avoid any unsightly green lines that are a tell-tale sign of cheap costume jewellery, and remember that just like every other part of your day it should reflect who you are so don’t feel pressured into wearing something you’re not comfortable with. It’ll be in your wedding photos forever so you don’t want it to be all you see when you look back on your photos, wishing you had stuck to your guns and chosen something you were happy with. It’s your ever after after all…


Jewellery Box provided the jewellery featured in this blog post in return for a review. This has in no way influenced the opinions in the post; all opinions on Clarke and Wedgewood both good and bad are 100% honest and always will be.