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I know that not all hens are the same and while some love the idea of hitting the town with her girls others may prefer something a little more active. We often put the UK down when it comes to what is has to offer (the only thing we can usually rely on is the rain!) but if you are the bride-to-be who loves getting to grips with the great outdoors we really do have so much to explore right here in Blighty! Plus, with women 10 times more likely to stay in the UK than stags for their celebrations we’re going to take a look at some of the best options to have the time of your life without needing your passport…

Hen Heaven | Clarke and Wedgewood

One of the biggest things to remember when planning a hen do is that it should be personal to you, so if you are more comfortable hiking in the mountains than donning the heels then perhaps a trip to Snowdonia could be on the cards? With beautiful views and even more beautiful places to stay, the Welsh mountains are truly breathtaking and will really allow to you get to grips with nature. For a hen do twist why not nominate a hen to carry a bag with a couple of bottles of champagne and some plastic flutes to celebrate not only reaching the peak, but your upcoming nuptials?

Maybe hiking doesn’t quite get your adrenaline flowing enough, but maybe zip lining, tunnelling or white water rafting will get the blood flowing? It’ll test you and your hen’s nerves to the max and will truly be an experience you’ll never forget. Plus, with the absence of heavy drinking doing an activity like this won’t be lost in a drunken haze the next morning where you only remember dribs and drabs of your night… but you’re sure you had a good time right?

Hen Heaven | Clarke and Wedgewood

Image: Bai and Elle Photography

One of the most common pins on Pinterest surrounds DIY weddings, things you can do yourself or with your friends to help make your big day really personal. The wedding industry isn’t ignoring this, and so it’s now possible to hire someone to come to you and teach you and your hands your own dance or music for the big day, why not surprise your groom with a butt-kicking routine where you girls really show them what you’re made of? We all have that inner diva in us somewhere, and in the company of your nearest and dearest even if you’re not the best dancer naturally you are guaranteed a giggle. Beyonce who now?

The list certainly doesn’t end there and perhaps these don’t quite tick your boxes, but Hen Heaven is a great place to visit if you’re looking for inspiration.  You can search by city or activity and not only will you be able to scroll through a huge selection of great stuff to try, you can also sort out your accommodation for the night here too! There are some seriously luxurious houses on there though so be warned, you may find yourself drooling on your keyboard…


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