Falling Under a Spell…

When it comes to buying your wedding dress you wouldn’t be alone if the thought of buying it online fills you with dread, panic and downright fear. It’s one of the most important outfits you’re ever going to buy so it’s natural to want to try it on in person and visiting a bridal boutique with your loved ones is a part of the experience, we all know that when Mum cries it’s the one! With more and more becoming available online though, could you be doing yourself a disservice by completely shunning the idea in its entirety?

There’s something magical about going into your local bridal store, searching through the rails and figuring out what it is that fits the idea of your dream dress, and although I am definitely not saying you shouldn’t be doing this, what I am suggesting is that you consider shopping online with a little more of an open mind. By visiting a boutique and trying on dresses you can figure out what style suits you, what colour best compliments your skin tone and discover styles of dresses you may never have previously considered. This is a process that’s as old as time and there’s good reason for that… it works. The downside to doing things this way is that you’re only going to be able to browse from a certain number of dresses from a select few designers, but what if your dream dress falls outside of the bridal store’s collection of stock? When you’re shopping for a coat or new pair of shoes and you can’t find what you want on the high street where do you head? If you’re anything like me you’ll head online, searching the Internet for what you’ve been hunting for and within minutes after a few clicks and taps of the keyboard you’re met with hundreds of results and the search starts again. Just like all of our favourite stores, wedding dresses are moving online too and times are a changing – it’s definitely nothing to be ashamed of to search for your dream dress online! Gone are the days of poorly fitting and poorly made dresses shipped over from China in sizes you’ll never understand, and instead we find gorgeous luxury gowns from all over the world available with just a few clicks of the mouse. When else have you had thousands of gowns to browse filtered by your size and budget at your disposal? Now you have access to dresses and designers from all over the world and with everything from bohemian beauties, Grecian gorgeousness and vintage tea dresses to something traditional for the English Rose, something dripping in diamonds or even something multi-coloured with wings and sparkles. If you can dream it, it’s likely you’ll find it online and in as little as 10 days you could have your perfect gown delivered to your door that you would never have found in your nearest bridal store.

Having access to global designers mean that we can now tap into the skills that have been refined for centuries in exotic parts of the world, find dresses made from expertly crafted fabrics found only in far flung locations and perhaps most importantly, we find more variety when it comes to styles that fall outside of the traditional here in the UK. The perfect example of this? The bohemian bridal gown.

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Spell Bride Wedding Dresses on Clarke and Wedgewood

There may be many enviable elements Great Britain has to offer when it comes to the world of bridal, good weather for the big day is not one of them. That being said it may go some way to explain why the boho bride may find it harder to source her perfect dress than someone leaning towards a gown slightly more classical in design. Naturally a designer in a warmer, sunnier climate may find themselves creating gowns for beach weddings, or ethereal forest celebrations and it is now I would like to introduce you to the Australian design duo, Spell & The Gypsy Collective. Sisters Isabella and Elizabeth founded the design house in Byron Bay tapping into a sense of nostalgia from their childhood and their focus on the free spirit is clear throughout their designs.

The sisters describe their designs as ‘light and breezy‘ and are ‘the perfect wedding gowns for any barefoot and wildly romantic bride who would rather keep the focus of her wedding on love and happiness‘, a sentiment I absolutely adore. The designs combine simple yet elegant silhouettes with intricate fabrics creating the perfect gypsy bridal gown for all the free-spirited women around the world. Does this sound like you and the wedding you have envisaged? Perhaps you’re planning a festival-themed wedding, or you’re jet-setting to somewhere sunnier for a destination wedding? Whatever your plan, if you have always dreamt of a bohemian big day then Spell & The Gypsy Collective should definitely be on your radar. As they are based in Oz you will have to consider delivery times, any potential import costs that may apply and delivery costs but for dresses as gorgeous as these it’s definitely worth taking a punt for these may just be what you have been hunting for.

Here I run you through some of my very favourite designs from the Aussie duo, which one is your favourite?

The Evangeline Wedding Dress from Spell & The Gypsy Collective on Clarke and Wedgewood

The Edie Wedding Dress from Spell & The Gypsy Collective on Clarke and Wedgewood

The Angelica Wedding Dress from Spell & The Gypsy Collective on Clarke and Wedgewood

With gowns this beautiful doesn’t it make shopping online for your dress that little bit more appealing now? There’s so many incredible designers selling their dresses online all over the world that you just won’t find on the rail here in the UK. Spell & The Gypsy Collective are just one of the few you can find on the Internet, so if you’re struggling to find your perfect dress all is not lost… your dream dress may be waiting for you somewhere else in the world and could be yours with just a few clicks of a mouse and a little bit of belief. If you’re worried about achieving the perfect fit you can get the dress adjusted perfectly to your body by a seamstress here just like you would a dress bought off the rail in your local boutique but the big question is…

Are you willing to take a leap of faith?