You Won’t Find Copies of Meghan’s Ring

It was quite eery when the news broke of Harry and Meghan’s engagement, that very morning the girls at work and myself had just been discussing whether he’ll pop the big question over the Christmas holidays and lo and behold, a few hours later a notification pops up on my phone from BBC News. I remember being excited about Will and Kate’s news but fear I was a little too young to truly appreciate what was going on, but this time around I can’t get enough of it.

As per any trend it doesn’t take long for copies and imitations to take hold, and although I have absolutely no problem with taking inspiration from people held in high esteem or who you have a particular fondness of, but I do sometimes fear that mass copying (that is so often done poorly) takes away some of the charm of the source’s sheen. I absolutely loved Diana’s sapphire and diamond ring that Will gave Kate, but when I found a plastic version in a high street store’s jewellery section I knew things had gone too far. I began falling out of love with the ring as I saw it everywhere I went and it took away some of the sentimental value for me. I know for Kate the sentimental factor will never be lost, but as a person looking in from the outside the excitement was lost a little for me.

Harry and Meghan's Engagement Ring

Earlier this week I was delighted to read that the jewellers responsible for Meghan’s ring have released a statement to say that they won’t be creating replicas for anyone. Cleave and Company Court Jewellers and Medallists to Her Majesty the Queen have said that they are ‘not going to be making replicas of it. If you want a ring, then we’ll design you a different one‘, and it may not stop thousands of cheap copies hitting the shelves but it’s encouraging to see a jeweller that could be set to make a considerable amount of money by wheeling out replicas is turning down the opportunity in order to protect the privacy and individuality of the royal couple’s big moment. I will always commend anyone who is willing to turn down profit in order to protect another person’s privacy, and one of the best things is that they are also keeping tight lipped on the price tag. A huge secret to hold, but one I have the upmost respect for.

Harry and Meghan's Engagement

There’s no denying that Meghan’s ring is absolutely beautiful, I’ve always dreamt of something similar myself, but for Harry and Meghan there’s more than just beauty to the ring. The two outer stones are from Diana’s own personal collection and allow Harry to share some of his mother’s legacy with his wife-to-be in place of Diana’s own engagement ring (which Kate has possession of), with the middle being a large diamond from Botswana where not only did Harry spend a lot of time during his childhood, is also a special place for Harry and Meghan who have spent time there as a couple over the past 18 months.

I am a strong believer in doing what’s right for you, and picking a ring that is meaningful and personal to you is just as important as styling your dream day. Your wedding lasts one day (or weekend if you’re really going all out!), but you’ll be wearing your engagement ring for the rest of your life so picking one not based on trends but one that is really you is important. Meghan’s ring is beautiful, there is no doubt about that, but if you opt for a copy is it still going to mean as much to you in 5, 10 or even 20 years time? Of course it’s possible that Meghan’s ring is exactly what you’ve been looking for, there are a lot of designs that follow a similar layout and opting to go with this if it’s what you’ve always dreamt of is absolutely what I believe in, but make sure you’re picking it for you and not because it’s what is on trend right now.

Trust me when I say this isn’t a decision you want to look back on further down the line and kick yourself over.


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