A Closer Look At: Design in Scent

In a world that is becoming ever-increasingly focussed on the digital, every so often it’s important to get back in touch with ourselves and our often neglected senses, reminding ourselves that a world exists outside of keyboards, selfies and tablets. One of the first senses we develop as a newborn is our sense of smell and that’s where the focus of this post falls with the fantastic fragrance connoisseurs, Design in Scent, and their new Wedding Collection created with your big day in mind. We treat ourselves to indulgent food to satisfy our sense of taste, buy cashmere socks and fluffy jumpers for touch, we choose our favourite artists on Spotify for our ears and we buy pieces of art to fulfil our sense of sight, yet rarely do we indulge our sense of smell outside of a department store or in duty free.

That’s where Design in Scent come in with a mission to challenge society to reignite a passion for scents, allowing ourselves to get back in touch with our mind, body and spirit, our creativity and reaffirming the importance of fragrance just as was held in ancient times by the likes of Roman Emperor Nero and France’s King Louis XV. Somewhere along the line we lost touch with the sense, but I think it’s about time we corrected that, don’t you?

I’ve spoken before about just how important finding your signature scent for your wedding is (you can find it here), and the brains behind Design in Scent are on a mission to help every couple find not only the bride’s scent but one for the groom too, plus one that unites the pair to represent the power of coming together as a couple.

Design in Scent via Clarke and Wedgewood

Founded in 2015 by Gemma Hopkins, Design in Scent later gained Meghan Fay and together the pair have created a business that previously only worked on a couture basis creating signature scent for VIP clients and hosting private Scent Salons. The pair have worked for a number of super exclusive venues including The Arts Club, The Shard and Battersea Power Station so you can rest easy that you’ll be in good hands now that the pair are bringing their services to the public for the first time.

Choosing Design in Scent for the scenting your big day gives you the choice of four Fragrance Journeys to pick from each made up of a Feminine eau de parfum, a Masculine eau de parfum and a Union ambience fragrance but don’t be fooled to think that a bride must wear the feminine or the groom the masculine. Oh no. Design in Scent encourage you to throw caution to the wind and simply choose the fragrance that you love making it perfect for the bride and groom, groom and groom and the bride and bride alike.

Design in Scent via Clarke and Wedgewood

Do you dream of making the scent of your wedding an all encompassing experience? Well Design in Scent make that possible; the brand’s Wedding Collection is made up of perfumes, fragranced candles and ambience mists that you can use to scent invitations, linen and hey, why not go the whole hog and scent your confetti whilst you’re at it? You will certainly be the talk of the town afterwards with everybody exclaiming just how incredibly beautiful your whole day was, down to the fragrance that surrounded them all day long. The attention to detail you’ll be showing will be a truly unique experience for all your guests that will make your big day one that won’t be forgotten.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that the pieces magnificently elegant and timeless, but if you are left thinking “that’s all very well, but what do they smell like?”, read on to find out more about each of the four Fragrance Journeys Design in Scent has on offer as a part of their Wedding Collection…

Design in Scent via Clarke and Wedgewood

Symphony Scent

This is a masterpiece of Yin and Yang and the unity of opposites. The fusion of light and dark is a metaphor for love and a lesson in creating balance both within and without. Joined together in times of exuberance and times of repose, you create a harmonious garden symphony.

White Jardin – Feminine eau de parfum

Top: Orange Blossom & Bergamot | Heart: Jasmine, Tuberose & Gardenia | Base: Musks

Eden Noir – Masculine eau de parfum

Top: Citrus, Orange Bitters, Lentisque & Sage | Heart: Virginian Cedarwood & Neroli | Base: Oakmoss

Symphony – Union: ambience mist & candles

A blend of White Jardin & Eden Noir

Radiate Scent

Surrounded by precious woods and fragrant smoke, together you step into the re of transformation. A sensual dance of life that lights the embers within and emits a passionate glow. As you magnify one other, the sum of your union becomes greater than its parts and you radiate as stars in the sky.

Amber’s Glow – Feminine eau de parfum

Top: Fleur d’Oranger & Silk | Heart: Amber, Ylang Ylang & Rose Inde | Base: Sandalwood, Benzoin & Vanilla

Spiced Embers – Masculine eau de parfum

Top: Clary Sage | Heart: Tobacco, Cardamom & Neroli | Base: Leather, Birch Tar & Oakmoss

Radiate – Union: ambience mist & candles

A blend of Amber’s Glow & Spiced Embers

Tomorrow Scent

A frosted scene is set, as you walk from one identity to the next and learn more intuitively who you really are. Day merges into night and night once again into day. Let go and take a deep breath of destiny. Tomorrow is waiting.

Frosted Veil – Feminine eau de parfum

Top: Frosted Molecules | Heart: Myrtle | Base: Myrrh, Musks & Dry Woods

Deep Dusk – Masculine eau de parfum

Top: Black Pepper, Clove & Nutmeg | Heart: Suede, Frankincense, Patchouli & Woods | Base: Olibanum & Tree Moss

Tomorrow: Union – ambience mist & candles

A blend of Frosted Veil & Deep Dusk

Timeless Scent

As above so below, this blend of root and ower, valley and mountain, forms the essential connection between earth and the dreamer’s dreams. Growing roots to ground you while reaching for the sky together will create exciting, shared adventure and a truly timeless bond.

Valley of Dew – Feminine eau de parfum

Top: Dew Drops & Ivy | Heart: Rose, Lily of the Valley & Peonies | Base: Musks & Nude Molecules

Mountain Roots – Masculine eau de parfum

Top: Bergamot, Wild Basil & Lavender | Heart: Vetiver & Leather | Base: Sandalwood & Musks

Timeless: Union – ambience mist & candles

A blend of Valley of Dew & Mountain Roots

Design in Scent via Clarke and Wedgewood

If you want to find out more about Design in Scent or discover more about how they can help you scent your wedding follow the link here. You will be one of the first to be able to say that the exclusive Design in Scent were a part of your big day, and I have no doubt that others will be dying to know who scented your big day in order to replicate it for their own celebration but remember, being copied is the greatest of compliments don’t you know?