Why Wedfest Should Be On Your Radar

We are complete advocates of trying something new, and when we heard about Wedfest we just knew we had to be involved somehow. A couple of emails later and we were not only attending the fair, but we were invited to cover it too which was an absolute honour as the standard of the suppliers exhibiting were sublime and the atmosphere was fantastic. All we knew was to expect a barn in the countryside not too far from Cheltenham, and driving down the single muddy track we were beginning to wonder just what we had let ourselves in for but then we walked in and we were totally taken aback by how beautifully it had been decorated and just how many people were inside. The barn ceiling was adorned with a plethora of paper lanterns, the most beautiful lace draping we have ever laid eyes on and fantastic floral decorations from House of Bunting. There was live music from the talented Chris of Tux Fizz which filled the space and created a really friendly and laid back atmosphere, making it really easy to chat to everyone in a comfortable environment which wasn’t pushy or overly sales-y. This is the first year Wedfest has taken place so we know it’s only going to get bigger and better, but you would never have known that it was it’s first year for how slick and professional the entire running of the event was – even to the help getting out of the muddy field in the car at the end!

Wedfest, Cheltenham | Clarke and Wedgewood

A massive congratulations to Robin from Bullit Photography who should be immensely proud of the day, and a big thank you for letting us come along and experience it all! We’ve added a quick little snapshot of the day in video form at the bottom of this post so you can get a feel for how beautiful the set-up was and appreciate the amazing variety of suppliers brought together for this event, one we couldn’t recommend enough for the Cheltenham and Cotswold bride-to-be.

For a full list of exhibitors please see our previous post on Wedfest.