What to Buy the Baking Bride-to-Be

Buying wedding gifts for the married couple traditionally helped them set up their first home together, but with many couples now living together long before the big day knowing what to buy them can be tricky. That being said it has become commonplace for a gift list to drop into your inbox with a carefully curated list of gifts displayed that goes some way to take out the guess work, but what if you want to buy them something a little more personal? Maybe you have a shared hobby or interest and want to use that to guide your gift decisions, or you know that everyone else will cover the gift list and want to get something that they aren’t expecting? My advice in this instance is to think long and hard about what they’re interested in, and do a little digging.

If you get the chance to pop around and do some super sleuthing around their home you can get a better idea of what they already have to make sure you’re not buying duplicates, or if you’re using a hobby you share with one another maybe suggest meeting up and doing whatever that hobby may be, whether it’s ultimate frisbee or baking cupcakes,  and subtly drop questions around what they may be missing that’ll help take their passion to the next level. Delicacy is key here – go in too hard and it’ll be glaringly obvious what you’re trying to do, instead ask what she thinks of those new running trainers that have been doing the rounds on Instagram, or bring up that cake you’ve seen her pin on Pinterest and ask her if she fancies making it with you one day. They’re natural conversation starters but open up the chance for more questions that’ll help you identify anything they may have missing that would make the perfect gift.

In line with the return of the Great British Bake Off to our screens (I am grateful to say I loved the first episode on Channel 4 just as much as I loved it on the BBC *sigh of relief*) here’s a list of great picks for the baking bride-to-be to get you started…

Food Mixer, Kitchen Aid, £459 at The Wedding Shop via Clarke and Wedgewood for the baking bride to be

Every baker’s dream machine is the KitchenAid Food Mixer. Not only does it look great, it really is the cream of the crop when it comes to food mixers and naturally this means it’s a little pricier than other makes around, but this will last a lifetime and totally revolutionise their baking experience.

Dome with ash base, LSA, £33 at The Wedding Shop via Clarke and Wedgewood

Once you’ve poured all your time and effort into making a delicious masterpiece it’s only natural to want to show it off in a beautiful display case. This one from LSA is a great choice, and it comes in more than one size so whether the bride-to-be is famous for her huge gooey chocolate cake or is a master at stacked cakes there’s a dome for her.

Traditional Kitchen Scales, Victor Castware, £100.50 at The Wedding Shop via Clarke and Wedgewood

These traditional kitchen scales from Victor Castware will add an authentic baking aesthetic to any kitchen and make for a really special wedding present that you can bet nobody else will have thought of.

M’passion Sugar Pan, Mauviel, £129 at The Wedding Shop via Clarke and Wedgewood for the baking bride to be

Copper has totally dominated the interiors scene over the past year and you can bet your bottom dollar it’s not going anywhere just yet. What copper also offers however is more than just a stylish look, it conducts heat really well meaning that when creating a delicious caramel the sugar will melt evenly so so no more clumpy bits in your sauces – perfect for any salted caramel fiend out there!

Pastry Cutter Set, Kitchen Craft, £11.50 at The Wedding Shop via Clarke and Wedgewood for the baking bride to be
Not every baker is the next Mary Berry but that doesn’t meant they can’t be the best jam tart maker you know! These round pastry cutters from Kitchen Craft are great for scones, pastries and mince pies alike and are cheap enough to be part of a small bundle that needn’t cost the Earth.

Think outside the box, think inside the box, pick a few smaller items to make a bundle or pick one larger item that’ll be a total game changer – picking gifts for the newly married couple is a totally personal experience and there really are no rules to follow, and certainly don’t feel obliged to follow the gift list they’ve sent out if it’s firstly out of your budget or secondly a little well… practical (boring). If you think you’ve thought of the perfect gift that you know they’ll love then go for it and surprise them on their big day!

*All of the items in this list can be found on The Wedding Shop. Although you will need a wedding gift list to shop from to buy from these guys, their website is definitely worth taking a look at for loads of great gift ideas and inspiration for the married couple from days out and experiences to homewares and everything in between.