Making the Most of Your Make Up Trial

I’m 100% one of those people who goes into something knowing what I want, yet as soon as the expert tells me something else I go along with it and then I get home wishing I’d stuck to my guns as my instinct was right. I’ve done this time and time again, whether it’s what colour foundation to buy (even though I’ve been buying the same colour for years the consultant told me I should try a different one and it was so, so orange on me) or how much of my hair I want cutting, and yet I never learn. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I want to start putting my foot down a bit more and stick with what I wanted. I spend so long umm-ing and ahh-ing about things that once I’ve made up I’m quite certain that’s what I want and yet as soon as a pro tells me otherwise I completely forgot about everything I’ve researched and go along with it. Do you ever find yourself doing this too? I wouldn’t say I’m particularly influenced by my peers yet as soon as a pro says something there’s a part of me that just thinks ‘well if they say so then they must be right’ and I’m left with a whole load of regret afterwards. Sound familiar?

Make Up Trial via Clarke and Wedgewood

Your wedding is definitely the time to put your foot down – you’re only going to do this once, so make sure it’s what YOU want, not what the ‘expert’ thinks you want. This couldn’t be more true when it comes to your make up as it’s going to be in every single photo of the day and you don’t want to look back and think ‘if only I’d put my foot down’, and that’s why your make up trial is so, so important. It’s a great time to discuss ideas, pictures you want to emulate and experiment with what suits you so on the big day you can rest easy knowing that you’re make up is going to be exactly how you planned.

Make up artist and founder of Fulham salon Blush + Blow Bridget O’ Keefe has pulled together her top tips for making the most of your make up trial so there’s no nasty surprises on the big day.

Make Up Trial via Clarke and Wedgewood


1. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep!
No matter how good your makeup artist is, they won’t be able to get rid of bags under your eyes. Why not treat yourself to a really relaxing evening and have some pampering time to yourself.

2. If you plan on having a spray tan for your wedding day, trial that a day or two before your trial too. The tone of your skin will impact the colours your artist will use on your eyes, lips and cheeks.

3. Wear white! Just as your skin tone effects the way colour sits with your hair and eyes, as does the colour you are wearing. You will get a much more accurate idea of what your makeup will look like on the actual day if you wear the same colour as your dress to the trial.


1. Make sure your artist gives you a hand mirror so that you can watch every move that is being made.

2. Speak up sooner rather than later! It is much easier to correct something before it is finished. If you can see something that you don’t like starting to take shape, let your artist know.

3. Having said that, often makeup comes together beautifully within the last 5 minutes of application when all the colours tie together. A great makeup artist who you can trust is paramount, but remember that about 50% of them being able to achieve exactly what you want will mean that your communication has to be spot on.

4. It’s a trial so don’t feel bad about wanting to try several lip colours or dabble with false eyelashes. Your makeup artist is supposed to make you feel confident and beautiful, and until you do, the trial isn’t over!


1. Make sure you wear your makeup for a while after the trial. Makeup sometimes takes about 20 minutes to ‘settle’ and once it has, it will look pretty much how it should for the next 7-10 hours.

2. Be aware of what happens to the makeup when you do different things. Is it more likely to slide off your face because you live in a humid climate? Can you see little creases under your eyes where your concealer has settled into the little lines? Take note of everything and let your makeup artist know before your wedding day incase they need to bring a remedy for any problem on the day.

Make Up Trial via Clarke and Wedgewood

Just remember that this wedding day is all about you, and although your make up artist may tell you that you need to wear the latest uber-fashionable nude lip when you’ve had your heart set on a sultry red the final say should come down to what YOU want. They may know their stuff and they really are experts, but that doesn’t mean you should simply settle for what they say if you know that you’re going to regret it later. Having said that, it may be worth giving your MUA the benefit of the doubt during your trial and trying the nude lip as you may be pleasantly surprised but if you still feel that the red is the shade for you then speak up, the MUA should be helping you reach the best version of you and it’s that red lip is who you are then you should be celebrating that!

Make Up Trial via Clarke and Wedgewood

If you’re based in London why not visit Bridget and her team at Blush + Blow in Fulham for your trial? Your bridal make up trial starts from just £75 and you know you’re going to be in the very safest of hands in the most beautiful of salons.

All images in this post were captured by the talented Kate Nielen Photography