Beautiful Bridesmaid Fashion

Today’s post is the result of a collaboration with Fashion Design with Communication student Rebecca Swithenbank. Rebecca approached Clarke and Wedgewood with a wish to collaborate on a shoot that proved that bridesmaid fashion should not be overlooked and it’s safe to say that the results were truly beautiful. I have been eager to share the images with you and now Rebecca has submitted the last of her degree work (congratulations!) the time has finally come where I can publish this collaboration and it is clear that Rebecca’s keen eye for detail and styling shines through. Not only is Rebecca bubbly and friendly – and managed to keep everyone on set upbeat besides the freezing cold temperatures and drizzly rain – her professionalism was truly outstanding for someone just 20 years old. If you’re looking for a stylist or an art director for a brief you have coming up she should definitely be on your radar, and you can see more of her sensational portfolio of work by following this link here.

Now I will leave you with Rebecca to explain her concept and styling choices and how you can ensure your bridesmaid fashion is stylish and elegant on your big day…


To fall in love is to find your soulmate. They are the truest of friends who have been at your side through the most challenging of times, in moments of true glee and are the person who taught you what love really is when your lips met for the very first time.  

Like Big says on Sex and The City “you three know her better than anyone. You’re the loves of her life. And a guy’s just lucky enough to come in fourth. Sex and The City may be fictional but the bonds between a girl and her closest friends is impossible to imitate, and it’s these friends that are crucial to helping the bride-to-be keep a level head when times get stressful and is often why they are bestowed with the title of a bridesmaid. Whether it’s a gaggle of girls or just one special loved one the role is one that is of the upmost importance in the build-up to the big day, alleviating the stresses that come hand in hand with wedding planning and being someone to share both the highs and lows of being a bride-to-be with.  

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Although a different type of love, both your bridesmaid and spouse-to-be should hold a special place in your heart and they share many of the same traits – someone you trust, whose opinion you listen to and someone you know you can rely on to be there for you no matter what. So it is of no surprise that so many brides are considerate of the preferences of the bridesmaids when it comes to choosing a dress, and although it should be guided by the brides own dream of her wedding day considering what styles they’re comfortable in or what colours suit their skin tones will ensure both you, your new spouse and your closest friends are relaxed enough on the big day to enjoy themselves to the max. Finding the perfect bridesmaid dress needn’t be expensive though – the high street has some great styles on offer and it makes for easy browsing before the big day.  

Beautiful bridesmaid fashion on Clarke and Wedgewood
Your wedding day will celebrate the love between yourself and your partner, so reflect the romance in the air by using a soft colour palette to compliment the sentiment of your special day. Gone are the days of matching dresses, instead pick out key colours or fabrics that can work together and create unity between your bridesmaids such as the Nasty Gal and Rahi Cali dresses. Just as you don’t need to pick matching colours, you also don’t need matching silhouettes – picking a similar detail such as the lace that runs along the pink dress will keep cohesion running between all of the bridesmaids. If you’re worried that your bridesmaids may not look similar enough, choosing jewellery and mixing warm gold and rose gold tones hits the key trends at the same time of drawing the look together. For a fashion-forward look provide the girls with some statement sunglasses for the real wow factor. 

Beautiful bridesmaid fashion on Clarke and Wedgewood

It may be cliché, but it works and there’s a reason that florals are popular in Spring Summer. Everything is beginning to bloom and tying your wedding in with the time of year is a great way to ensure your big day doesn’t look out of place in it’s surroundings. Using delicate fabrics such as those in the sage spot Neon Rose Dress that have been layered with sheer fabric allows for natural movement when walking and creates an almost ethereal look, especially when it catches a gentle breeze. Paired with the Chi Chi London dress it adds a depth through the intricate detailing, and although both use delicate fabrics by including the embroidery it nods to the bridal trend without upstaging the bride. 

It’s your special day so enjoy it, and make sure your wish to accommodate the bridesmaid doesn’t come at the cost of your dream day, but treating the ones who have been by your side through thick and thin will go a long way and there’s no better way of saying showing your appreciation for all of their patience, advice and love than gifting them with a beautiful bridesmaid dress they’ll feel a million dollars in.