Autumnal Inspiration

Now we’re officially into Autumn it only seemed fair to bring together a selection of my autumnal wedding inspiration picks this year. I always find Autumn such a beautiful time of year and it’s the perfect period of crisp chilly weather that’s cold to wear that sweet bobble hat you love so much but not so cold you have to wrap up in every piece of clothing you own. Autumn offers so many fantastic opportunities for weddings, with an absolutely gorgeous colour palette of gold’s, bronze’s and burnt coppers dominating trends and balmy sunshine that makes for the most beautiful of wedding photographs.


Glitter leaf decoration | Clarke and Wedgewood

Image: Bridal Musings

I absolutely adore these glittery leaves and think they’d be really eye-catching if strung up in rows on a frame made from branches for a beautifully autumnal photo backdrop. You can see more ideas for photo backdrops here.

Autumnal Bouquet | Clarke and Wedgewood

Image: Pinterest

Embrace everything that Autumn has to offer by utilising warm oranges and reds in your floral arrangements. They’ll look beautiful against the leaves that have begun to turn brown before falling and will add a lovely warming touch to a chillier day.

Pumpkin Card Box | Clarke and Wedgewood

Image: Something Turquoise

Even if you’re not getting married on Halloween nothing shouts autumn like a pumpkin and painting one white with copper writing takes away any novelty that may usually be attached to the vegetable.

Autumnal Food | Clarke and Wedgewood

Image: Bridal Guide Magazine

At what other time of the year would it make total sense to offer your guests miniature bowls of soup with a piece of toasted bread in the place of typical canap├ęs?

Autumnal Place Setting | Clarke and Wedgewood

Image: Pinterest

Autumn is a great time to embrace what nature has to offer and I absolutely love the idea of using pieces of wood like these for table numbers. You could cut wood into thinner circular slices for placemats or as the bases for centrepieces, or perhaps even write your guests names on them as a sweet keepsake from your big day.

Autumnal Dresses | Clarke and Wedgewood

Image: Pinterest

And finally, one of the best things about an Autumn wedding is the fact that those long sleeved wedding dresses you’ve been pinning to your heart’s content won’t be too warm for the chillier temperatures that Autumn brings. We’ve all heard stories about brides overheating on their big day after falling in love with a long sleeved gown that felt perfect in an air-conditioned bridal shop but left them feeling a little too warm on the big day!