The maiden names of my grandmother’s, Clarke and Wedgewood began as the name for my undergraduate final major project. Something about the name stuck, so when I was thinking about creating this blog it and how to name it I just kept coming back to it no matter how hard I tried to consider something else. It may not be closely linked to all things bridal, but the sentimental value it held struck a chord and seemed like the perfect way to add the personal touch to my site.

Hi there, I’m Hannah and I’m the person behind Clarke and Wedgewood.  Bridal fanatic, lover of all things marble and mint chocolate and Instagram addict, rather than wasting away hours scrolling through Pinterest and the ‘gram I figured I should make something worthwhile out of it and thus C&W was born! The goal is to bring together advice from current brides-to-be, the recently wed, bridal suppliers and industry experts to make sure that all the content on this site is genuine and experience-based, so you won’t see biased posts or sales pitches here. Naturally if we’re featuring content and information from suppliers then yes, we will include a link back to the website but that’s so you can easily find them online and it’s a part of our way-of-life that sales language is avoided at all costs. They have been chosen as they have experience working within the industry so they can tell us what to expect, what we can’t prepare for and what to watch out for, founded by their own experiences working with brides-to-be which I see as an extremely valuable resource. From time to time we may feature sponsored content, but all opinions are 100% honest and genuine, if something is no good I am not about to lie to you and tell you it’s amazing, who does that benefit? Not only will you have invested in something a bit pants, but it will then break down trust with Clarke and Wedgewood and I don’t want either of those to happen! So summing up a bit of a blabber-y paragraph, Clarke and Wedgewood is brimming with genuine, interesting content from those in the know helping you navigate your way to your big day.


w a n t   t o   b e   i n v o l v e d ?

I love hearing from companies and individuals alike who would like to be involved, and I’m open to suggestions as to how we work together. Maybe you have a project or event you want to shout about, or maybe you have a service you’d like to offer? Maybe you are a real bride and want to submit your wedding photographs to us?

I’d love that!

Whoever you are, if you want to get in touch all you need to do is drop me an email and we can get started creating some exciting and gorgeous content together


P.S I have no idea who nominated me, but I’ve over the moon to share that Clarke and Wedgewood won Best UK Wedding Blog of the Year 2017 in Lux Magazine’s Global Excellence Awards.