Collating bridal inspiration, styling tips, must-see venues and the latest fashion trends Clarke and Wedgewood stands as a go-to for any bride-to-be planning their big day. Whether you find yourself at the beginning of your wedding journey or you are on the final countdown, here you’ll find oodles to keep you entertained and excited about all things wedding.

Combining the maiden names of my grandmother’s, Clarke and Wedgewood naturally became the perfect name for a site that brings so many different elements together to celebrate the love that can exist between two people, alongside the love I have for the bridal industry as an entity. Although the name not be immediately related to the wedding world, the sentimental value that it holds struck a chord that I just could not steer away from. Alas, the blog was born.

Let me introduce myself

Far happier behind the camera than in front of it, I’m Hannah and I am the author of Clarke and Wedgewood. Digital PR Executive by day, this site gives me an opportunity to write about what I truly love and although I do thoroughly enjoy the day job (working for a cookware retailer certainly has its perks on the food front after shoots!) nothing quite compares to the passion I hold for all things wedding.

It is safe to say that my education story has been a little less than ordinary and although I found where I needed to be in the end I didn’t quite take the easy route there. Following A Levels I went to the University of Winchester to undertake a degree in Criminology with Theology and Religious Studies – a bit of a mouthful I know – but after just my first term it became clear this wasn’t for me. As fascinated as I was (and still am) by the law, crime and religion it was just that, an interest, and not the career path for me. So I dropped out and had an almighty panic on what on earth I was going to do next. All I had known was education, what now?

I explored doing an Open University degree, even getting the course books delivered but taking some time out made me realise I should have done what I was good at – business and english. Numbers are of little interest to me and I enjoy being creative with words so a marketing degree seemed the best fit. In 2013 I began a Fashion Marketing and Retail Marketing degree in Cardiff, and once I’d finished that I completed a Marketing masters degree in Cheltenham to further my knowledge.

Now officially out of education (for the time being…) I’ve finally found my thing, so combining my love for weddings with writing copy, shooting images and running a blog became a natural step to fill the void leaving education and finishing studying created.

About on Clarke and Wedgewood

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